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  • Q. What Criteria should I consider in selecting an Interior Design firm?

    You should select your Interior Design firm with as much care and scrutiny as you devote in choosing your personal belongings. Key considerations in making this very important selection must include at least the following:

    • Professionally equipped office and supporting staff.
    • Quality of the design created.
    • Prompt, courteous & reliable service.
    • Extensive industry knowledge & experience
    • Presents you with a well-defined budget.
    • Offers “Value-Added” benefits beyond price alone.
    • Access to exclusive product lines.

  • Q. How does D&D’s approach differ from that of other design firms?

    At D&D, there are numerous ways we strive to provide our clients with a truly unique and positive experience.
    First and foremost, we pride ourselves on designing with the client’s specific vision and needs in mind.
    Second, you benefit from our designers’ unmatched ability to blend creativity and beauty with everyday functionality and practicality of construction.
    Third, D&D’s comprehensive, start-to-finish service relieves you of the burden of managing your project. Our talented staff provides complete interior design services from concept development through project completion including materials sourcing, contractor recommendation and construction oversight.
    Fourth, you will find our professional staff readily accessible and excellent communicators.
    Fifth, we welcome clients from all over the world.

  • Q. What are the key responsibilities that D&D will assume?

    D&D’s goal is to make your project design process as problem-free and as positive as possible. Our client-friendly staff will guide you and keep you regularly informed on our progress as we proceed. In plain terms, here are the key responsibilities that D&D will assume:

    • Detailed explanation of our overall design process
    • Review of your specific vision, site requirements, financial parameters and potential plan and style options.
    • Development and presentation of your concept design options.
    • Review of your options including cabinets, appliances, furnishings, fabrics, etc.
    • Preparation of your final drawings.
    • Specification of your finishes and other selections.
    • Project management on your behalf if you so desire.

  • Q. What role will I be asked to play in the overall design process?

    With D&D’s unified design-team approach, you have the opportunity to either be an involved or less involved participant in the process based on your preferences.

    Initially, we will ask you to complete a fact-gathering questionnaire. This document provides our design team with key information like your design preferences, remodeling goals, scope of remodel desired and preliminary financial parameters.

    “All said and done we Believe in Co-Creation....Your ideas blending with Our expertise, Your Dreams come true.


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