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Interior Designing is an art of coordinating various aspects of a space like site, architecture, function, aesthetics etc. Everything should be in proportion and in harmony. Proportion & Harmony in balancing proper use of space, light, colour, texture, fabric, furniture etc. and at the same time highlighting certain focal points to create some interesting ‘wow’ elements to break the monotony; and at the same time one must not forget the code and regulatory requirements, adopt principles of environment and must encourage sustainability.

Whether it’s a new space or an existing-one which requires revamping, the concepts getting in mind creates certain virtual formations and one keeps on creating those formations as well as wanders to find miens of having it in realities. The search ends at the doorsteps of a qualified and experienced Interior Designer. Stepped inside such a Designer’s setup, one feels like... "Yes! these are the people who can help transform Our dreams into realities... the way We want it." We are one amongst those, behind the signage “Design & Decors” where you will get that feeling of finally arrived at.

Just a brief interaction and you will begin to realize, these are the people you can count-on, who care to Partner in Co-Creating your dreams…

Explore the possibilities, take a tour through our website and we believe together we can find the desired Living Style Solution with the Best Interior Designers and Architects in our team and transform your space into a more functional & serene living environment. We promise you an excellent experience of working together from a blue print of your concepts to walk through of the physical existence, amazed to have finally owned the dream accommodation of yours.

Interior is the Functional part of our living space.
We must make it the best

- Fakir Singh (CEO, Design & Decors)

How We Work

We work on the basis of our Five-Stage process which has been proven to be the best for both - Us and Our Clients, always.



3.Raw Design

4.Final Plan


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Dedicated Service - Day & Night

More than two decades now, we have worked with Design & Decors team for many of our projects beginning from renovation of our house twice, our Corporate Office, Inside China Ethnic Restaurant and one & only kind Rodeo Bar, we find them to far most talented, innovative and hard working. More importantly we've been particularly impressed by their emphasis on designing our premises by participating with our thoughts; completion aligned to perfection has been the real forte of the company. The designers are immediate solution providers, whenever there was an urgent requirement, even in late hours we had them by our side. We look forward to work with them in our upcoming projects.

Harman Pal Singh (Managing Director, Pal Group of Companies)

Recommended - Best Interior Designer

We engaged Singhji of Design & Decors since 2009 and they've taken Interior Design to the next level for our entire organization. Considering our needs & budget as a foundation, he infuses his originality, experience, creative and innovative thoughts into works; to deliver our exact requirement is praise worthy. I am confident and believe Design & Decors shall continue to be at fore front as Interior Designers in the state.

Gopabandhu Kar (Managing Member, SOA University, Bhubaneswar)

Interior Decoration - Like Your Dream

Interior Decoration of a home or an office is a very personal matter. You really need to be sure your Designers are on the same wavelength as you are at. Working on very first interaction with Uzyol Kaur of Design & Decors we could soon make it, she not only goes on the same wavelength, she attunes quickly to lead you to what you envisioned. She'll guide you and direct you - but always keep you with your personal touch so that the reality becomes more than what you dreamt of.

Rani Saluja (Homemaker)

Designing Service - That Delights

Mr. Singh of D&D quickly gets to the point what you are looking for. This encourages me to give my project to be designed and executed by his team. It has been a pleasant experience as people at Design & Decors bothered me least and did the job to my delight

Mr. Mahapatra (Corporate General Manager)

Designing - That pleases

Right from the start, Design & Decors has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach which not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. I am very pleased with their designing service provided and would happily promote and recommend Design & Decors.

The Manager, Fedral Bank

Design - That Impresses

I am extremely impressed with Design & Decors. Their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them to present to us a completely different way of looking at our interiors. I am very pleased with their results!

Mr. H.R. Pattanaik (Director General I.M.I.S)

Notions turned to Reality

The D&D team is extremely Energetic, Self Motivated and is able to swiftly build and assimilate Ideas to Reality. I was also impressed with their project management skills, communications abilities and capability to convey their recommendations effectively.

D.P. Nayak (Managing Director, M.I.E.T)

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We are in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing for more than 30 years and creativity is one of the key ingedients to our long existence.

We’re Punctual

We make sure to deliver our projects in time. All our clients appreciate us time and again for our punctual delivery with quality.

We're Designers

We just can't help it. Designs keep flowing through our minds. Our bank of ideas...come get the best of'em.

We love Simplicity

There is beauty in simplicity. Too many elements make a Salad-of-Mixture, the way we mixed words here...Ahem.

We’re responsible

As they say, With Experience comes Responsibity. We are one among those who take responsibity to deliver projects at best value and best quality.

We're Friendly

We hear our clients saying this time and again. This is the reason why we've been able to develop strong, positive and long-term business relationship with all our clients

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The White Board

A decorator, no matter how talented, can't always get the desired results because sometimes there is resistance or maybe a lack of understanding on the part of the client. I think it is the decorator's job to work as a guide, to bring out the best qualities and the best attitudes.

Albert Hadley

The White Board

It is to the client's advantage and also the architect's, to have a trained and experienced decorator with both technical knowledge and an understanding of interior architectural detail so as to be able to assemble intelligently the proper textures, colors, furniture and objects to make a consistent room. If all these things are taken into consideration in the original planning...a great many difficulties can be anticipated.

Eleanor McMillen Brown

The White Board

Never adopt a particular style and peddle it as your own. Always be personal, always be flexible. Many decorators fall into a trap, and when they finally want to do something a little different, they find they cannot because their clients have stereotyped them.

Billy Baldwin